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Welcome to River Films

Phil Agland's third major series on China has recently broadcast on Channel 4 and is due to air in China in 2017. China: Between Clouds and Dreams completes Phil's trilogy of films on China spanning the past 25 years that started with the multiple BAFTA and EMMY winning series, Beyond the Clouds and its follow up, Shanghai Vice; films that have dazzled audiences around the world and taken us deep into people’s private lives in a way that has never been seen before.


These three series span a quarter century of extraordinary change in China, from the small town of Lijiang emerging slowly from the days of Mao’s China, through the seismic rebirth of Shanghai, China’s first Megacity, to the environmental consequences of China's recent emergence as a world superpower.


Phil’s BAFTA winning Baka films span the same quarter of a century but in stark contrast, they chronicle the lives of four generations of a hunter gatherer family deep in the rainforests of southern Cameroun.


Our website will give you a glimpse into these very different worlds of Africa and China over the past 25 years, through film clips, behind the scenes videos and photographs.  Our shop offers a unique chance to purchase one or more of these films.

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