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A real life ‘Jean de Florette’. Set against the election for Mayor, bitter rivalries and deep enmities are quick to rise to the surface, splitting asunder a tiny French village of 83 souls.

Curtil-Vergy is a sleepy village in the hills above Burgundy. Half an hour from Dijon, this is wine making country, an area little changed where the locals’ roots are as embedded in the soil as those of their world famous vines.

But the village is not the romantic rural haven it appears. Beneath the surface, local enmities and blood feuds that have seethed for more than a generation are being played out on the political stage.

Set against the backdrop of an engaging and colourful collection of local characters, award winning film-maker Phil Agland’s three part series is a riveting but affectionate portrait of Gallic life as it unfolds in the vineyards, committee rooms and homes of this unspoilt region.

“Grapes of wrath in a Gallic idyll”

“Both delightful and incredible in equal measure”

         (Thomas Sutcliffe - The Independent)

3 Part Series for Channel 4 (2003)

A French Affair

French Affair Review
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