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This is the second film in award-winning director Phil Agland’s trilogy on the Baka of eastern Cameroun. Here, he examines how the tribe’s relationship with its environment is linked with the spiritual mythology that shapes its culture.

Focussing on Likano, his wife Deni and children, Ali and Kamila, it shows how the Baka mix ancient folklore with a sophisticated understanding of their environment. Komba is the Baka people’s god. They believe he carved the first tribesmen from the trees themselves. In Komba’s Forest, we see how the forest continues to provide the tribe with the spiritual and material ingredients to sustain a culture that has lasted for thousands of years.

Baka People of the Rainforest

Filming Mewunga collecting honey from the nest of a stingless bee high in the canopy

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50-minute program for Channel 4 (1987)

Baka: Komba's Forest

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