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The third Baka film from East Cameroun focuses on the Baka children especially Ali, the unexpected star of the Baka trilogy.


The six-year-old learns to swim, sees plant medicines produced, watches an older boy have his teeth filed and helps teach his sister Kamal (born at the end of the first film) about the forest. Award-winning director Phil Agland (Beyond The Clouds) spent two years filming the Baka people, and, as always in his documentaries, his patience paid off with delightful and surprising anthropological insights into Baka culture. In a real coup, the film captures an initiation ceremony performed on a group of older boys as they make the transition into manhood.

Baka People of the Rainforest, Baka teeth
Baka People of the Rainforest

Babu carving a Baka child's traditional pointed front teeth with his machete

Ali admiring himself as the star of Channel 4's Christmas card

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30-Minute Program for Channel 4 (1987)

Baka: Growing Up

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